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We take


as a return ticket

to a moment

otherwise gone.

Hi friend!
I'm Kayla

I’m a mama, a military vet turned military spouse, a real estate agent, and soon to be YOUR photographer. The beach is and always has been my happy place so I am extremely excited about being back in my native state of Florida doing what I love!


When I’m not creating and preserving those special moments for your families, you can find me working away assisting clients in purchasing and selling homes, wandering the aisles at Target, stuffing my face with a Chipotle burrito, lifting some heavy-ish weights, or crafting for some type of party, project, or event. Think of me as a “soccer” mom that buys organic and cares a lot but also doesn’t fold laundry right away, drinks too much caffeine, says a few bad words, and isn’t afraid to hit the drive-through for some happy meals.

Am I talking too much yet?


My passion for photography quickly developed after I had my daughter in 2016. I remember the cute little fluff she had on her, the sweet little toes, fingers, and her gummy smiles. Time was such a thief. My husband bought me my first “nice camera” and I was hooked on capturing every moment, all of the special milestones, and every detail in between. I began to practice more and more on my friends and family and that little passion that started in the four walls of my home grew into a business that expanded into multiple cities and states. 


When you hire me as your photographer I want you to know that you are hiring someone who genuinely cares about capturing the essence of you and your loved ones. I have spent time and money investing in this business and my education so that I can be the best photographer for you and create an experience that you won’t forget.

Here's what to expect during our session. 

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