Hi there! I'm a lifestyle photographer currently serving Pinehurst, Fayetteville, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.

I started taking an interest in photography when I became pregnant wih my daughter. I wanted to make sure I could capture and document every special moment and memory she created. I began loving it so much that I  decided to make it my job!

I truly take a passion in being able to translate your emotions, personalities, and character into a photograph. Having the ability to provide you with something to look back on when your children get older, your families move forward, or to simply look upon as a means of joy, gives me complete fulfillment. 

Apart from being a photographer, I am a wife, mother, and a full-time student. In the rare moments that I do get to myself, I enjoy crafting: making decorative signs, scrapbooking, and hand-making cards. If you consider Target a hobby then I suppose you can add that to my list as well! I live for laughs and new adventures. Being married to my wonderful husband of three years, has brought out a different side of me- one that has allowed me to appreciate more of the natural beauties that life has to offer. I'm thankful for my past and most importantly, the present.

I so look forward to working with you and learning more about you!